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  1. Re: about radar chart
  2. How to build a chart with 2 values per item?
  3. Re: Change the size of the data labels
  4. tearing my hair out can it be done
  5. charts
  6. How can I set the default line width
  7. Re: The x-axis title is truncated in EXCEL charts 2003.
  8. Trendline error???
  9. Charting time? help please...
  10. Make graphs in Excel all the same size ready to paste into Word -
  11. Re: Extending a Chart Data Series from an Array - Can it be done?
  12. Hiding or Displaying Series In a Chart
  13. how do i read directly off of a chart - callibration curve
  14. Why do my text boxes disappear from my chart when I click out?
  15. Mail merge to a chart
  16. Re: Named dynamic ranges, copied worksheets and graph source data
  17. Different graphic for each record in mail merge document
  18. Why will my Excel charts not print in color?
  19. displaying several charts, one at the time
  20. How can I display multiple series in a pie chart?
  21. How can I auto update a graph?
  22. Is there an interpolation-function in Excel to read a chart more .
  23. How can I hide points for future dates on a Year to Date chart?
  24. Chart newbie help, please, How to create
  25. Format Data Series Markers
  26. Bar Chart for Text Data
  27. Is there a way to offset the y-axis of a chart without having the.
  28. multiple scatter graphes how to plot 3 sets of data for x y on th.
  29. the dates to label the x axis on the scatter chart won't print
  30. One bar, Two colors?
  31. compare unique identifiers in multiple ranges
  32. Excel Charts and cells
  33. HOW TO: Plot a Team Name on a chart based on two values
  34. pie charts - how to include "zero" fields on Legends
  35. Chart appearance using "export" method
  36. Barb Reinhardt: HOW TO: Plot a Team Name ....
  37. Merge and Center Disabled in Excel 2003 Document
  38. Problem drawing lines on charts
  39. How do I create a custom scroll bar on a 3D Pivot Chart?
  40. Can't save chart as object in current sheet
  41. Formulas in source data
  42. Removing "$-" at zero-point of axis
  43. How do I graph text information in Excel
  44. Flip the X and Y data on a chart so that the Y data is vertical.
  45. Scatter chart x axis tick mark lables
  46. Paste a chart as a link?
  47. Chart/Graph Help
  48. Achieving Range with a trendline
  49. 3 cells are named - how to refere to them in one reference field in a chart
  50. Excel 2003
  51. Area Chart Formatting Question
  52. Problem with graph ranges
  53. Is there a way to create a standard OHLC bar chart in Excel?
  54. I need a template for at a glance viewing 2005 projects for staff.
  55. Re: Auto date changing in Excel is maddening
  56. Net profit chart
  57. What is the formula for getting time difference e.g. ("4 hrs 15 m.
  58. goal line in excel chart
  59. Problems with true value on secondary Y axis
  60. graphing two series on x axis
  61. Data Table Question
  62. equation for smoothed XY Scatter line
  63. Re: pivot table multi line chart
  64. Secondary Axis?
  65. Linking Axis Labels
  66. Adding a text label to a line.
  67. Free Download of File Conversion Software
  68. How do I prepare a comparitive analysis graph in Excel
  69. Re: Change datalabel font size for all chartobjects in a row
  70. How can I change size of the picture without changing chartobject?
  71. Fonts get size 1 and can't be changed after a procedure - even by excel GUI!!
  72. How do I force a series in a Bar-Line Chart to be a Bar?
  73. How can I asign a number value to a text line in Excel?
  74. I would like to make a schedule for my dept. Who works what days .
  75. I would like to make a schedule for my dept. Who works what days .
  76. histogram setup in excel
  77. Excel Charts
  79. Excel 97 chart opened in Excel 2003 - Source Data problem
  80. spreadsheets
  81. export chart - size problem
  82. How to set Error Bars to _two_ SDs?
  83. Need template to show considerations/alternatives-reach decision
  84. interpolation XY data with bezier curver
  85. How do I get the trendline equation from Excel to script?
  86. Why is the order of my data table opposite from graph?
  87. create space in line chart between points, linked to pivot table
  88. Jon Peltier - Pivot Table Result for yesterday's "Complex Chart" Question
  89. How can I change the position/format for all data labels in a ser.
  90. subdivding pie chart slices
  91. Ignoring characters in excel sheets when creating a chart
  92. Fill area beneath a scatter plot
  93. how do allow two charts with two different chart areas?
  94. Stacked bar graphs
  95. Protecting certain cells
  96. How do you change the size of a range of cells in a column/row
  97. Individual labels to data point in Excel charts
  98. Non-Breaking Space + Print Issue
  99. How do I change the properties of specific points in a scatter plo
  100. Chart Backgrounds HELP!!!!
  101. Y-axis title
  102. how to prepare 3 dimension graph in excel
  103. Split large bar in a graph?
  104. How do i create a log graph in excel
  105. Use variables for a chart
  106. Plotting different length series in a chart
  107. Stacked Bar Chart
  108. Need large gap in chart
  109. Y Axis - Horizontal Bar Graph
  110. Advanced color chart
  111. Log charts
  112. How do I show gridlines over a chart area?
  113. Excel graph y axis label cut
  114. Plot a line? Set dymanic axis Max min
  115. Creating an x,y coordinate chart
  116. Odd problem with charts... narrow!
  117. Multiple charts
  118. Is there any way to expand a font in excel?
  119. Changing chart orientation
  120. Making Special "Stacked Column" Chart
  121. I need to know how to insert my information, time and tides in ex.
  122. Excel Rejects Chart Scale Changes
  123. Excel chart in Powerpoint
  124. Clean lines
  125. Creating a dynamic chart
  126. Y axis, need varying units
  127. How many data points can you have in an Excel for a Scatter Chart.
  128. how to insert numbers/letters in a chart
  129. Labels on Chart with Negative Value Axis
  130. bell-shape normal distribution curve
  131. How do I shade the area between two lines on a chart?
  132. Axis display as category
  133. Creating a chart with values from two columns
  134. How can I change typesetting (spacing, etc.) of bar chart axis lab
  135. Delete Chart
  136. how do i add a quadratic trendline to excel
  137. how do i add a quadratic trendline to excel
  138. = Drawing more lines in a OHLCV chart =
  139. Macros & pie charts
  140. Cell value as chart scale maximum
  141. Embed a US MAP
  142. Excell Chart-how do I change all the lines and points without cha.
  143. Change the width of a single column in a column chart
  144. creating an x,y chart
  145. Gantt Chart with variable width columns - is this possible?
  146. IF formulas creates zeros in a line graph
  147. Chart Label wraps on the same line. "Wavelenght [nm]" appears as.
  148. Setting source data range with Charts
  149. fold change lines
  150. Simple Stock Watchlist Chart
  151. Fill screen with chartobject by zooming?
  152. How do you split the Y-axis on an Excel chart?
  153. Updating Chart fails
  154. how do i calculate a chart gradient in excel?
  155. Wrapping labels
  156. Change Axes Scale Dynamically
  157. Is there a way to have two values (percent and number) in a label.
  158. how do i reference cells to create a chart?
  159. Re: Relative Chart Title?
  160. Formating cell to 1000
  161. How do I change the default settings in charts?
  162. How do I get a trendline for all data series, instead of just one.
  163. Problem with date base units for x axis
  164. Can you stop charts from plotting logic statements as 0
  165. Pareto anlaysis
  166. Comparing charts dynamically
  167. Help with pivot charts and data labels
  168. how can i graph with log-log scales?
  169. how can i graph with log-log scales?
  170. HELP.
  171. how can i select all the cells with same color on a sheet if there are multipale colors by vba code
  172. catergory on the X axis; values on the Y axis
  173. How do I insert a marker on an Excel bar chart?
  174. interchangine catergory and values axis
  175. create a chart with a formula
  176. Pyramid charts
  177. How do I make a 3-dimensional plot in Excel?
  178. How do I create a pivot table if the pivot table icon or menu ite.
  179. default chart options
  180. Excel Contours - too small and stupid choice of colours
  181. On a scatter chart show two point have same value
  182. PivotChart: how to make it dynamic?
  183. Charts causing program to crash
  184. add line to a stacked area chart already created
  185. Charting data ranges that change
  186. How do I rotate a text box
  187. Business Case Charting
  188. Barchart 'GroupBy' Question
  189. Moving a chart from one workbook to another
  190. Covariates?
  191. How do I combine two worksheets into one graph
  192. noting events on charts
  193. How do I create a Line-Column on 2 Axis chart that allows more...
  194. Double combo charts - are they possible?
  195. error bars when breaking the y-axis
  196. Setting Major tick to none on charts is not working, is it a bug?
  197. break a link
  198. Combining Data on a pie chart
  199. Impedding/Overlaying Charts
  200. Id like to freeze the first row for headers and freeze the very b.
  201. Chart from data occurrances
  202. "Not enough system resources to display correctly" error
  203. Where can I find advanced info on Excel Charts?
  204. Why doesn't this work?
  205. scatterplot chart with reverse axis
  206. Combination of stock chart and line chart
  207. multiple charts
  208. combination chart
  209. Display negative data points differently.
  210. data labels in xy scatter
  211. Show two value ranges on one axis
  212. Two sheets
  213. Line charts using temperature and time factors
  214. Secondary Axis Annual Units sold on 1 Y Axis - Dollar Volume on another
  215. Reindex exchange folders
  216. Limiting Data Obatined By A Graph From A Spread Sheed
  217. Help with Charts
  218. Re: How to force continuous lines in line charts
  219. On a combination chart how do i get 2 lines and 1 column?
  220. Charting a skewed bell curve
  221. How do I plot an XY (scatter) graph with two Y axes?
  222. Trying to do this chart
  223. How do I create a second "y" axis on the right?
  224. Why this is happening
  225. creating names for data shown on a scatter plot
  226. How to make this plot?
  227. sotring worksheets in a workbook
  228. print text boxes
  229. How does Excel 2003 calculate trendlines with respect to axes?
  230. R² expression for trendline in chart
  231. multiple or changing colours in a data table on an excel chart fo.
  232. Zero values in a log chart
  233. Bar Chart Label Sizes
  234. Automatic Chart Update?
  235. second axis
  236. To get a lot of charts that refer to different cells
  237. To get a lot of charts that contain different values in a minute
  238. I pay $ for this project
  239. Vertical ND Curve on Combination Chart
  240. why can I not format a secondary axis in excel x?
  241. Secondary Axis Without Data Points?
  242. How do I display a data table in an Excel 2002 chart?
  243. How can i set consecutive columns in an excel worksheet to differ.
  244. make a cell empty based on condition
  245. Problem with xlusrgal.xls file
  246. Second X axis at top of chart?
  247. Multiple rows of data on a single axis (charting)
  248. Can I use side by side colums and stacked columns in same graph?
  249. Charting Data from Excel
  250. Weeknum Year by Year Compare
  251. Data Labels and Trendlines
  252. Auto Scaling of Y-axis
  253. Can a line(s) be added to a stacked-clustered chart?
  254. Make a pie chart of a budget
  255. how do I make a chart & write in it?
  256. how to cell reference a Chart title
  257. One data series and two y-axes in an Excel chart?
  258. tracking sales to targets in a chart
  259. User defined charts- font size too small
  260. Data Label Value in Formula?
  261. Stacked-Clustered Charts
  262. How do i set up an organization chart in Excel?
  263. How do I create a goal line on a bar chart?
  264. Print all charts in a workbook (multiple worksheets)
  265. exporting a chart to gif format using COM (Excel v11 and .net)
  266. Changing "Series" Name
  267. How do I write a trendline constant into a cell?
  268. Secondary Axis
  269. How do I get a chart to display backwards/forwards?
  270. formula help
  271. linked values in a chart
  272. Creating GIFs in Excel 2003 for use in Dreamweaver
  273. How do I add a reference line to Excel charts?
  274. How can I plot a data series from multiple worksheets
  275. How can I plot a data series from multiple worksheets
  276. I typed a column in reverse order, how do I flip it (upside down).
  277. I want to produce a log-log chart. Logrithmic scale on both axis.
  279. Stopping Charts Displaying Zero Results
  280. How to display gridlines at irregular intervals?
  281. Where is the viewing datasheet button?
  282. secondary axis scale
  283. More than 255 lines in chart
  284. more than 255 lines in chart
  285. Excel Rainfall Chart template
  286. changing proportion of chart and data table
  287. Adding a line Chart Type to a stacked-clustered Chart Type
  288. Help! I'm losing one series of data in an overlay chart.
  289. Bar graph values keep changing
  290. Help with Charting My Data --
  291. No More New Fonts may be applied to this workbook
  292. Clustered column chart with stacked coumns
  293. Copying charts/data
  294. how to plot a best fit line?
  295. I need help w/ a pie graph. i
  296. how do I plot mean and standard deviation in excel
  297. need help in stats - boxplot
  298. Short trendlines?
  299. Display max and min on bar graph
  300. Display max and min on bar graph
  301. how do i make a graph from text ?
  302. SQL Statement and Excel
  303. Do you have a work in progress sheet
  304. How do I set a cell to "Empty" so that it does not display in a ch
  305. graph displayed in ascending order of value?
  306. Y axis labels
  307. Importing data from several sheets, to one chart
  308. Dates
  309. How do I set "y" axis to numbers and labels to percentages on my .
  310. How do I make 'save as web page' with interactivity work properly.
  311. xy scatter graph with a scrolling time element
  312. How do I change the size of the text box in a flow chart?
  313. 2 graphs on 1 single chart cheet
  314. How to break up a column in a bar graph if I do not want to chang.
  315. Printing 3Dchart with pics& texture
  316. determining (and displaying) slopes that exceed x
  317. Strange Problem with Chart and Plot Visible Cells Option
  318. Dollar Bill Chart
  319. Outlook 2003 vs. Word 2002
  320. How do i approximate the value of a point on the trendline?
  321. I need a template for a work schedule.
  322. How do I set permanent secondary axis in PivotTable chart?
  323. y axis on wrong side
  324. Skip blank cells in diagrams
  325. Service work order
  326. Combining Information in a Bar Chart
  327. How do I move the Category Axis labels outside of the Plot Area?
  328. space between y axis and data points..
  329. graphs from multiple worksheet : query
  330. I am placing a pie chart into word. When viewing/printing it look.
  331. 3D Chart with Continuous Data in all three Axes
  332. Display cell value on a chart.
  333. Can you get box plots on excel?
  334. I need a template for weekly scheduling of golf tee times
  335. Average Customer Spending
  336. How can I write vertically in some columns on an Excel spreadshee.
  337. "Excel.Application" Object Model
  338. format one data series, with error bars, and use it as default
  339. Piviot Charts
  340. how do i plot a saw tooth graph?
  341. how do I graph a linear equation?
  342. box-and-whisker chart
  343. Contour plot
  344. How do I scale the axis of a chart from external data so that dis.
  345. is there a way to hide zeros in a line graph
  346. Excel Connector Lines
  347. How do I "index" data in a line graph?
  348. How do I change the order of the legend entries?
  349. Stacked Bar y-axis
  350. change axis info on radar charts
  351. Trouble setting total for on chart
  352. y error bars
  353. Can you do a Stem and Leaf Plot in Excel
  354. how do i change data on the x or y axis...
  355. Line graphs with null values
  356. how do you split the scale (x-axis) on a curve graph?
  357. xl chart font sizing into PPT
  358. Floating column chart
  359. Can you have a vertical line graph in Excel 2003
  360. Trendlines to ignore empty cells
  361. Conditional formatting in Charts?
  362. Using Microsoft Query data in a pivot table.
  363. Gappy data in line charts?
  364. Use the "mouse over" event to exclude a data point from a series
  365. chart grayed out
  366. Imperial weight
  367. Imperial weights
  368. Problem with Chart Title Formatting
  369. Text box in Excel Chart
  370. How do I easily draw in Excel the Upper and Lower limits of a con.
  371. how do I export an Excel graph to an encapsulated postscript (.ep.
  372. How do I plot data by drilling down through sheets?
  373. pivot chart format
  374. XlFreefloating
  375. Charting Problems
  376. RE: What happened to Subscript and Superscript Buttons in Excel?
  377. I am having problems creating pivot table of data
  378. How do I create a bar graph with floating bars?
  379. workbook
  380. combo chart conversion
  381. how do I change the size of the y-axis label?
  382. Column A is Town, Column B is names. How can Excel add & tell how.
  383. Logarithmic Trendline Equation
  384. How do I add a bullet to a note on an excell graph.
  385. how do I keep a running total of my bills?
  386. Triangular Coordinates
  387. how to get week number in month in excel ?
  388. bar, line and cumulative bar graph in one chart
  389. Automatic Change of X-axis
  390. Scatter Graph - Data Label Problems
  391. Trendline on Secondary Axis
  392. Re: Multiple font styles (superscript and subscript, for example)
  393. how do i draw a distribution chart in excel
  394. How do I customize the X-axis in excel to match my dataset?
  395. Combination bar and line problem
  396. Watermark for Excel chart
  397. hide column but show chart
  398. display last entry in Excel
  399. Pivot Table with Zero Values for Month
  400. Rounding in Trendline Equation
  401. Charting information from a number of worksheets
  402. How do I set my Excel Chart to not show areas where I have no dat.
  403. Convert diagram bars to black and white
  404. highlight areas of chart?
  405. number formats that allow you to format the appearance of negativ.
  406. How do I remove empty chart plots from linked worksheet charts
  407. Logarithmic Scale - Tic Label Disappearance
  408. Automatic backup copy
  409. Hyperlinks from one document to another document on a different dr
  410. Point titles
  411. suppress zero values in line charts?
  412. suppress zero values in line charts?
  413. scaling plots lengths
  414. How to get corresponding Xvalue for specific Yvalue from XYScatte.
  415. Data Analysis
  416. combination of line graph
  417. finding the coordinates of the maximum point on a graph
  418. Pivot Chart: cannot apply the default chart type...
  419. Line chart - date line association gone mad!
  420. PivotTable Functions
  421. Controlling excel chart axis
  422. Chart DataSource Change
  423. Chart Title
  424. How to change the color of all series in an excel chart in one go.
  425. How to change the color of all series in an excel chart in one go.
  426. Change the default chart colours
  427. Second serie doesn't use X-as values
  428. Using Right Hand Y Axis For An Additional Variable: How ?
  429. how can I make a chart with the x-axis in logarithmic scale
  430. Histogram in Excel (2002)
  431. Challenging Charting
  432. Displaying frequency polygons in Excel (Statistics)
  433. How do I get a second Y axis in Excel 2000
  434. Help with graphing log data
  435. How To Refresh Chart Data Without Calculating The Worksheet
  436. Is there a way to create a pictogram w/ office?
  437. Chart formatting
  438. Combining chart data from more than one page
  439. four quadrant graph
  440. how can I have no overlap bars when using axis2?
  441. How to exclude weekends/holidays from plotted time series
  442. Change the value axis scale
  443. Values
  444. Combine candle and line in a single chart
  445. creating a directed graph from XY scatter
  446. Combine candle and line in a single chart
  447. How do I show summary totals from a pivot table on a bar chart
  448. Help: Pasted red numbers turn black
  449. Why is my chart placing one column on top of another when I use a.
  450. Caregiving
  451. How do I change z-axis value from zero to a higher number (eg 4)?
  452. How do I plot data on a map in excel
  453. Missing values in Excel Line Chart
  454. pivot chart formatting
  455. bar chart with multiple legends?
  456. Timeline with critical date markers
  457. How do I re-size a chart without using a mouse?
  458. how do I chang the start point for my next row?
  459. How do I create a graph from an equation and not a set of data?
  460. Help with sales chart
  461. How do i create Lorenz curve in Excel????
  462. Line or bar graphs for tracking stocks profit and loss.
  463. Importing MM:SS From Tab Delimited File and Charting
  464. Non-functional Popup Menu Boxes
  465. Re: How can I create a stacked bar chart with stacked bars side by
  466. Setting custom chart causes plot area to collapse
  467. How can I estimate EC50 in a dose-response graph?
  468. Creating a pie chart
  469. Changing Line in line chart
  470. Exell graph cannot display the Y axis on my 16/10 notebook comput.
  471. Normalize the second pie in a pie of pie chart
  472. Declaring a value to equal 100%
  473. Chart Format & Linking?
  474. Date updates from worksheet to chart & changes date to a date series! Help!!
  475. Re: combing two bar charts to share one axis
  476. combining two charts into one
  477. initial size of new charts
  478. Charting challenge/query
  479. How do I make a section of a chart line dotted?
  480. How do I make a section of a chart line dotted?
  481. conditional format of data tables in charts
  482. In mixed bar and line chart. I cannot change one of my source da.
  483. In mixed bar and line chart. I cannot change one of my source da.
  484. "X" Axis in Excel Charts
  485. Error Bars
  486. Colors of columns after sorting data in the supporting table
  487. Custome Colors?
  488. Zero value i graph
  489. Ploting dates against a calendar and not as a simple events
  490. triangle chart
  491. 'Canyon' Graph
  492. Determine area under a curve in Excel
  493. 1 ChartSheet, 10 worksheets
  494. Help with data not getting plotted
  495. grouping dates by week/month/etc. on cat. axis
  496. combination chart (different graph types)
  497. excel 2000 wont let me create chart
  498. Multiple X-Axis Values
  499. Editing a Chart Directly??
  500. Editing a Chart Directly??
  501. Move Data Table?
  502. I've got a formula for stones and pounds - how do I get an excel .
  503. combination of stacked and clustered column
  504. series order
  505. basic pie chart question
  506. Auto x range start value, xy charts
  507. _Really_ cool charts in Excel possible?
  508. Format numbers in chart datatable
  509. how to link two charts in excel
  510. e-mailing or exporting charts as a .pdf or .tif format
  511. Creating a Multiple Warehouse Inventory Spreadsheets
  512. How do I add a curve of best fit?
  513. trend line
  514. PIE CHART - HELP!!!
  515. how are you
  516. Dynamic charting problems (events)
  517. Determining if a chart is selected
  518. Data Points in Scatter Chart
  519. Conditional formating in Excel Charts.
  520. How do I set transparent colors in a graph?
  521. print chart on full page
  522. how do i create an exploded bar chart
  523. Charting with Two Axis
  524. Control charting
  525. Pie Chart Data Labels
  526. Flexible Charts
  527. trend line does not appear
  528. Equation giving unexpected results
  529. negative waterfall chart
  530. is it possible to build a chart with clustered stacked columns ?
  531. No more fonts allowed for this file error mesage
  532. Phone tree template
  533. Locking the scale ratio of X-Y axis in XY scatter charts
  534. Font error message
  535. X axis
  536. Chart type
  537. How can i make values appear at the top of bars in a bar graph?
  538. Target line
  539. showing percentages in pie charts
  540. total value of stacked charts
  541. How to create chart with 1 column and 3 lines
  542. Second Y axis
  543. Least number of digits in Y-axis labels
  544. exception generated was c0000005
  545. Create a pie of pie 3D
  546. Perserving secondary axis in pivot chart
  547. how do I create a 3 dimensional plot, for example XYZ scatter plo.
  548. edit x-values in XY Scatter?
  549. data order in a chart
  550. Graphing a Line Using the Equation
  551. how do I make a soil analysis bar graph?
  552. Help Please re expenential
  553. Chart Option not available in XP Pro Insert Menu
  554. Polinomial graph
  555. How do you graph a PPF (Production Possibilities Frontier) chart .
  556. Polinomial - What's Wrong
  557. Formula
  558. Chart data source
  560. How to move Y-axis values when X range is -a to +b
  561. No Subject
  562. Simple charting question
  563. manipulating textbox in chart
  564. Charts
  565. Adding a line to a Chart
  566. Break in graph?
  567. "Icons" not showing when opening up Chart Wizard in Excel 2003
  568. How do I enter temperature symbol in a chart legent
  569. how do I change the data series an an excel graph
  570. Data Tables format
  571. I get gaps in bar chart when using weekday values only in x-axis
  572. XY scatter graph
  573. Can I add values, labels and percentage for pie charts?
  574. Bar showing value for missing data
  575. how do I plot on the z axis?
  576. help with a scatter graph of conditioned values
  577. Goal Line in chart but not on data tabel
  578. Excel chart question
  579. How do I connect cell color to bar chart color?
  580. Graphing Database Growth Rate
  581. want end of year balance sheet where to find it
  582. Vert bar chart; want bars only for non-zero Y-values
  583. How do I automatically plot different ranges of data in different.
  584. X=y will not cross 0,0 why
  585. How do I change the order of the series in the Source Data?
  586. Creating a chart representing hours used
  587. Is there a virus out there that is affecting excel spreadsheets
  588. How do I add a second axis to a graph with 2 data series?
  589. How do I add a second y-axis?
  590. Time/Data Comparison
  591. Excel add in
  592. Cumulative Frequency
  593. How can I print 6 charts in a page (Excel) ?
  594. Re: How to make a stacked bar chart using time?
  595. Plot a scatter chart with categories on the left.
  596. Hiding Zeros in Stacked Bar Charts
  597. Line Column Graphs
  598. How do I combine a line and a percentage stacked column chart?
  599. animate by series an Excel chart that's paste-linked into Powerpo.
  600. Line and Column Graph
  601. Chart Account# and $ value from MANY into Line Chart
  602. How do I add the same text to numerous existing cells
  603. Please help me, losing hair (chart with 2 data against time)
  604. Plot points with same x-value in same series?
  605. How do I create a line graphs with months labelled in the X-axis?
  606. How do I change chart cell from pixel to inch?
  607. Stacked column, 2 values, percentage?
  608. How do I get my y axis on the left hand side of my chart?
  609. How do I add new data to a pivottable/chart?
  610. Default Chart size
  611. Area Chart Question
  612. Chart with Colored Background - Log Log Scale
  613. Protect Objects so they cannot be resized
  614. graphs
  615. graphs
  616. Disappearing Text Boxes
  617. Polynimial trandline formula
  618. How do you create a cascade or waterfall chart
  619. How do I compare output data from 2 pivot tables in a graph forma.
  620. Can I post dynamic line charts by swapping out .cvs files???
  621. Is there a way to get log scale on the x axis?
  622. How to draw a gaussian curve with Excel?
  623. Can I use xy scatter charts to plot absolute measurements?
  624. update graph web page
  625. Excel chartting need help with x axis
  626. Want to plot a graph using data from 2 different worksheets in sam
  627. Copying an Excel Graph to PowerPoint
  628. Can a zoom in/out chart be made?
  629. Can a zoom in/out chart be made?
  630. Pivot Chart
  631. Quickly Changing Several Series to Appear the Same
  632. Automate Excel to powerpoint - Graphs along with Datasheet (not workbook)
  633. Pie segement colours - HELP!
  634. Advanced 3-D Charting - Z axis in back
  635. How do I change the excel chart default plot area color?
  636. how do I draw a line in a chart at a specific location
  637. Formatting X Axis Source Data
  638. Charting should not plot NULL as a zero
  639. How do I switch the axis values in my chart
  640. Excel sheet bar chart
  641. Listing consecutive days without inputting each one individually
  642. Time axis column and scatter/line graph
  643. Auto Expanding Pie Chart
  644. Chart Date X Axis
  645. Box plots
  646. Bar Graphs
  647. area under a curve in Excel
  648. How can i print a chart in excel on more than one sheet of paper
  649. i need help automating, or at least simplifying, my charts
  650. range from worksheet ala chartwizard
  651. Click on chart to view it otherwise greyed out
  652. Can anyone reproduce my Chart error? Is this an Excel BUG?
  653. how do i do supply and demand curves in excel?
  654. Charts don't update when data changes
  655. Excel Scatter Plot with connected by smooth lines
  656. Excel chart like the FTSE chart
  657. How to vary color in an area chart between negative or positive d.
  658. How can I print an excel chart so a picture is not distorted?
  659. Is there some way (event) to know when an embedded chart is deleted?
  660. Camparison between years
  661. How do I prevent Excel from plotting a cell w/ a formula as a "ze.
  662. How do I prevent Excel from plotting a cell w/ a formula as a "ze.
  663. Quadratics
  664. Changing x-axis scale
  665. Labels on a chart
  666. Removing overlap of bars when 2 Y axes are used
  667. Resize data labels
  668. how do I make different length months the same value?
  669. Automatic axis format
  670. Setting the X axis scale/font
  671. Excel Charts: Can I show standard deviation on selected series?
  672. Prevent change of color scheme in Pivot chart
  673. Comments do not appear on my excel spreadsheet when printing?
  674. Inserting Data set into chart
  675. How do I create individual pie charts for 99 different employees?
  676. Complicated Pie Chart formula
  677. Excel should let me align data labels in different series (Excel .
  678. Charts should not be resized when deleting rows/columns.
  679. No Subject
  680. Xcel charts into Powerpoint
  681. X-axis in months?
  682. X-axis in months
  683. How do I automatically update chart source data links for moved fi
  684. Conditional formating in Charts
  685. How do I break the value (Y) axis in an Excel chart ??
  686. Plotting data in Excel
  687. excel chart area
  688. Trend line
  689. Custom Trendline
  690. RE: exported excel charts and pdflatex
  691. How do I attach unique labels to data points in an xy graph.
  692. Favorite utilities - VBA macros?
  693. create a scale x axis that matches the straighted form of a norma.
  694. Labeling time scale x axis
  695. How can I make a confidence interval graph in Excel?
  696. graphing a mathemtical equation
  697. Bar Chart Date XAxis Thin Bars
  698. blood pressure charting
  699. Age in X-axis Labels as "YY;MM" ??
  700. legend
  701. is there a template to put together an organizational chart in Ex.
  702. How do i group together different charts into a single chart in e.
  703. Stacked + Clustered
  704. How can I create and display a chart dynamically on a UserForm wi.
  705. Technical formatting in data labels
  706. Creating time chart
  707. Adding a Name Box in a Chart or Footer
  708. CopyPicture ?????
  709. Shrinking Charts
  710. Trendlines
  711. Trendlines and Forecast
  712. Plotting blank cells in line charts?
  713. Create chart Base on selected Period
  714. Combing source data from 2 worksheets.
  715. graph dates revert to 1900
  716. excel chart size using inside positioning
  717. shading certain months on time chart
  718. XY Scatter charts
  719. Round Time with Conditions
  720. Why does Excel automatically choose the PlotBy method
  721. How to ignore zero values when plotting a graph
  722. watch a curve change over time like a movie
  723. How to pie chart with 2 values and one exploded for definition?
  724. How to pie chart with 2 values and one exploded for definition?
  725. I have deleted the Source data for a pivot table, how do I get it.
  726. Error when more than 60 items on X-axis
  727. how to add line to stacked-clustered chart?
  728. Scatter Graph Data representation
  729. Unknown Object
  730. how do i put a draft watermark on an excel document?
  731. How to create a CMYK colour image from an Excel graph?
  732. xy scatter x axis
  733. X-axis customizing
  734. how to make a CMYK image from an Excel graph
  735. How about IRS tax preparation form that helps prepare refunds.
  736. How about IRS tax preparation form that helps prepare refunds.
  737. I am using Excel and have made an error.
  738. Specific datapoints selection
  739. Scatter chart parabola
  740. How do I change the inverse colour in an Excel chart?
  741. how can i add a secondary y-axis to a bar chart (not a line chart)
  742. How can I get yesterdays date in a custom footer &[DATE]-1 does .
  743. how can i add a category to XY-graph?
  744. Want to combine columns and horizontal lines in complex chart - Can it be Done?!
  745. Varying axis scaling
  746. comparing columns
  747. Graph
  748. Timing Chart
  749. Lines not visible in an Excel line chart
  750. Need for categories to be displayed in chart
  751. how can I fill labels in a chart, so that the grid lines don't in.
  752. Charting with dynamic data
  753. change font color of first cell in data table attached to chart
  754. How do I copy and paste Excel charts and retain formatting? Mine .
  756. macro to make line graphs
  757. histogram or pie chart or?
  758. show the value of the last point of every series, in Excel line ch
  759. multiple x axis data
  760. To create a stacked column chart and group the stacked bars togeth
  761. How do I set up a Levy-Jennings chart in Excel?
  762. How to create a chart with Stacking colums and lines with 2 axes
  763. Changing colors
  764. Problems with X Axis for a Line Chart
  765. Hiding Values Below Z Axis Minimum Value on Axis Charts
  766. Excel Custom Graphs
  767. No Subject
  768. How to draw chat by entering equation
  769. Bubble Concept, Bars Instead
  770. I want to put 1 years data and 1 months data togheter on one char.
  771. is there a template for daily cleaning charts for restaurant mana.
  772. Custom formula to show each item as percentage of grand total?
  773. Screen updating
  774. How do I increase the plot area over a number of pages?
  775. Macro to Update Chart
  776. graph totals
  777. create range bar graph
  778. Formatting X and Y axis'
  779. Bar and Line Charts
  780. identifying current month
  781. new chart types
  782. When and Why Trendlines may not be calculated correctly?
  783. General chart set up question
  784. tinterception point from a grahp in Excel
  785. setting the radius of a pie chart
  786. setting the radius / area of a pie chart?
  787. Is there way I can automatically have Excel change the scale om a.
  788. Insert contents of a cell into a title of a chart
  789. Charting cumulative values in histogram ?
  790. How can I show data under a Chart that I inserted in a worksheet?
  792. Hiding 0 values in line charts
  793. custom cell shading
  794. Frequency for Histograms in Excel
  795. coloring the sides of 3d bars in a different color than the front?
  796. indexed line chart?
  797. If I have data for varying times in a column chart, how do I space
  798. Calendar based on varying information/ Pivot Table General
  799. Unlinked Chart Treats Time Axis As Value - Any Fix?
  800. Axis Labels
  801. dashboard I can use for Excel or PowerPoint
  802. dashboard I can use for Excel or PowerPoint
  803. How do I make the x axis data the y axis data?
  804. How do I make the x axis data the y axis data?
  805. Charting series in different sheets (summarize)
  806. shapes textbox name..
  807. Map projection as an Excel chart
  808. how do i calculate the area under a curve?
  809. How do I make range bar graphs in Excel 2002?
  810. Too many data points
  811. Dynamic series in Chart
  812. How do I create a combination stack and unstacked coulmn chart?
  813. Column Chart with 2 values in each column
  814. .position
  815. Copying charts to PPt from Excel
  816. Colouring the plain at the zero line?
  817. Plotting moving average line on a chart
  818. Variable column width
  819. How do I show negative numbers on a stacked graph
  820. excel file size
  821. how do i add a z or third axis to my chart?
  822. semilog graph paper
  823. Pivot Table unable to Include Hidden Items In Subtotals
  824. How do i calculate the area under my graph?
  825. Chart area
  826. Money for life
  827. Chart REALLY needs to support more than 255 data series
  828. 3d charting
  829. Forcing 'XValues' to the bottom
  830. superscript text in legend
  831. Don't won't charts to display Zeroes
  832. How can I alter the size of the text box in an Excel
  833. Time "and" Date for data points
  834. Displaying symbols in charts with tables
  835. Displaying symbols in charted data tables
  836. Textboxes and "Paste as picture"
  837. line chart displays wrong values
  838. How do I create a line graph with x- y axis?
  839. Line Column on 2 axes that shows stacked colums
  840. how to add data points to a scatter plot with trend line
  841. Stacked Pie Charts
  842. How do I graph a quarterly time-series in Excel?
  843. Matrix
  844. Save excel chart
  845. Retaining user-defined chart settings when emailing document
  846. Naming a chart object
  847. Three line charts on same chart
  848. lines/bar chart- on max valued bar, change color
  849. new at this - please help!
  850. chart as a watermark
  851. Re: change series color in Excel VB
  852. how can I automatically put labels in a scatter graph (.xls) ?
  853. Line /Column Charts
  854. Powerpoint
  855. radar chart
  856. Two bars for a Chart with a Secondary Axis
  857. Remove Legend Series
  858. Is there a formula result that will not appear on a chart
  859. Copy multiple charts from Excel to Power Point
  860. Splitting Y-Axis into 2 for a line chart
  861. Marcowarnings when pasting chartobjects to powerpoint
  862. numbers above dates on x axis
  863. How do I change the scale of the catagory axis?
  864. Custom charting - Stacked charting with a line
  865. 3-D Chart
  866. Gantt chart with labels
  867. problems with plotting "no data"
  868. How to create a chart with two X value columns
  869. Comparing incomparable
  870. Move x axis label
  871. How do I create a boxplot using StatPlus with an unequal number o.
  872. Chart Macro
  873. The 'sizing handles' on the axis titles don't work!!
  874. Sizing handles on my chart titles don't work!
  875. In excel scatter plot with 2 series, how do I connect xy coordinat
  876. How do I put Excel data into a US map format?
  877. Removing specific data from a bar chart
  878. Trendline formatting doesn't print or preview properly!?
  879. printing in excel
  880. No void value skipped by graphic chart
  881. Multi- charts
  882. Labels in Bubble Graph
  883. Can links between Excel 2003 Pivot Charts and their pivot table b.
  884. linking/updating two files for charting
  885. in charting, how do i select data ranges from multiple sheets, sa.
  886. Creating a line graph from 2 pivot tables?
  887. Pivot Table (Running averages)
  888. Alternatives for Excel for charting dated time-series?
  889. Unable to access GridLines in Microsoft Graph Object [URGENT]
  890. Chart data range
  891. Excel - Rendering ASCII via ASP/JScript
  892. How do I make a 3 d graph using depth in Ft., a N-S direction in .
  893. I'm trying to get a custom graph in Excel
  894. Linking Charts
  895. How to add series with VBA?
  896. overcoming zero values in line graph
  897. PivotChart Data Field - can it be value?
  898. Setting Series data in VBA
  899. How do I make a nomogram in Excel?
  900. Column & Line Charts
  901. Free Tool Marimekko Charts?
  902. Office Chart 10.0 on Windows Forms(.NET)
  903. How do I eliminate non-used dates (weekends) from a chart?
  904. Pivot Table "Filtering"
  905. creating drop down lists
  906. I can not change the scale settings on a scatter plot.
  907. Formatting lines between data points in a line chart
  908. Creating a chart with subtotals
  909. how do i draw a textbox on chart and copy onto word?
  910. I can not set transparency into chart
  911. how do I graph asymptotes in Excel
  912. Source Data - Series Tab
  913. y-axis moves from the left hand side to the right hand side!
  914. Copied Charts
  915. copying workbooks with charts and changing data
  916. How do i "bring to front" bubbles in excel bubble charts which ar.
  917. how to shrink a region (because of a maverick)
  918. Some charts don't show
  919. Unstacking a series of data on a 3-D chart
  920. Copying charts from workbook to workbook
  921. How do I add a limit line to a chart, so I can see where a data p.
  922. How do I print a worksheet with embedded charts?
  923. plotting graphs
  924. how do I create a quadrant chart in Excel or PowerPoint?
  925. charts....x and y axis
  926. Area under the graph
  927. Y-Bars for Columns in a series
  928. Explain Pivot tables & charts
  929. re-arranging sets of data for plotting
  930. Make it more simple or intuitive to do simple things
  931. Scientific Notation when graphing
  932. help in creating charts of vehicle data
  933. Stacked column and column combo chart
  934. Problem adding Series XValues to Chart using VBA
  935. host hospedagem profissional por 2,99 ao mÍs
  936. Mixed Data Handling
  937. Updating charts in Excel
  938. Simultaneously Formatting Charts
  939. Capture the legend title. Help
  940. Map of Europe & Airports
  941. How do Bar chart where Bar colour changes with different data Valu
  942. REPOST: How can I make the graph omit blank cells in the data set?
  943. How can I make the graph omit blank cells in the data set?
  944. Ellipses in scatter plots
  945. Logarithm scaling for charts
  946. Bar chart & Category (x) axis labels
  947. Bar chart & Category (x) axis labels
  948. Create a Chart with Values from Array AND NOT from Ranges
  949. how do I get the x-axis to plot values rather than categories in .
  950. How do I change all chart colors to black and white?
  951. Best fit lines
  952. Picture > Organization chart
  953. how do i plot a rose diagram to show frequency of wind direction
  954. want to make a bubble graph with 20 bubbles and gradient coloring.
  955. Numeric format in 3D graph legend
  956. Logarithms
  957. every second column
  958. How can I get different templates for chart background colours
  959. Overlay charts
  960. Re: Timeline Chart?
  961. Need help determining Chart Type
  962. Can Excel calculate area for 3-D surface charts?
  963. Hard bar (or maybe other) graph
  964. Excel 2002 chart does not update when worksheet data changes
  965. chart conversion
  966. Template for graphing algebra inequalities and easy to shade the .
  967. Can I change legend keys to rectangular instead of square in exce.
  968. Burn-down chart
  969. How to display chart with three bars and one line?
  970. restore excel file to earlier saved
  971. Changing the color of a Series Collection using visual basic?
  972. Is there an expense report template I can download?
  973. Can't create dynamic charts
  974. creating chart with 2 stacked columns and 2 lines
  975. Stock High-Low-Close Chart
  976. How do I change column into lines on a Line-Column chart?
  977. How do I create a Bell Curve Graph in Excel
  978. Dynamic Chart/How to
  979. Clip art used appears on screen but does not print
  980. Do not display Zero values
  981. formula for defining axis maximum and increments
  982. How do I get my data labels on a pivot chart to retain their form.
  983. Graph by Minute
  984. Creating custom chart legen pallettes/styles symbols
  985. > 12 series displayed, or better way?
  986. How do I resize a chart in Excel after the chart has been saved...
  987. Problem with pasting a chart into Word
  988. Scaled Chart Axes
  989. Family Chores List ??? any ideas
  990. Show quarters and years on x axis of a chart
  991. Getting data labels right....
  992. Save As to HTML and auto-refresh
  993. Plot 2 variables on Y axis
  994. Scatter Chart Axis as text C#
  995. How can I make category axe logarithmic in Exel?
  996. Can I create a form to run off of info saved on Excel 97?
  997. trendline equation extract
  998. How do you use tallying in excel??
  999. I want the bar chart with customer selected colors, green color f.
  1000. Prevent non-numerical data (e.g. text) from plotting on a chart