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  1. how can i make a cell always show text in caps
  2. Re: Why isn't Excel dragging the right value?
  3. Re: extract list of names and elimanate duplicates
  4. VLOOKUP Pls help!!!!
  5. Get cell value from 2 lists
  6. Count cells with the red color
  7. sumif 2 criteria
  8. lookup combine vlookup with hlookup
  9. Help!! What formula do I use?
  10. Add months and adding partial monhts
  11. Read excel workbook
  12. Re: Formula HELP
  13. Re: Tricky formulas needed
  14. Pasting onto filtered cells
  15. Re: index to a range of cells
  16. Using the Indirect.Ext function
  17. To me this is huge, need some assistance
  18. Average Range
  19. Pasting onto filtered cells
  21. Need to sum values of columns 1 - 13 and 4 - 15
  22. Excel
  23. Count cells with the red color
  24. copy worksheet ... formulas do not update
  25. Re: average of everytwo rows?
  26. Insert rows based on specific value
  27. MIN >0
  28. index match and sum
  29. How do I create a column that has a 'drop box'
  30. How do I create a column that has a 'drop box'
  31. vlookup
  32. how do I get a calculation to repeat various number of times?
  33. how do you subtract military time? example 12:00 - 07:00 = 5 hour.
  35. Conditional Formatting
  36. RE: Cells won't format
  37. How do I hide a formula message?
  38. extracting numbers with no more than 8-digits using advanced filtering
  39. Please help create a formula
  40. There should be a Refresh All feature, enabling all pivot tables .
  41. continuous cell function
  42. How do I create a crosstab process to determine patterns in surve.
  43. Use MATCH to find position of max in 2D range?
  44. Conditional Sum
  45. Using the Indirect.Ext function
  46. Feed text from one cell to another no cut & Paste
  47. Calculating commission schedule (will pay for help!)
  48. vlookup and IF function
  49. Need to find Min value based on date range entered
  50. How can set how a number rounds up in excel
  51. Get cell value from 2 lists
  52. formula simplification
  53. how to get name of worksheet in a workbook?
  54. Conditional Sum
  55. RE: A formula to check differrent cells
  56. how do I get excel 2003 to round up
  57. Re: using a reference in vlookup with excel 2003
  58. Re: Need Formula Help
  59. end of worksheet question
  60. SUM function over infinite number of sheets?
  61. RE: Count rows based on multiple criteria
  62. Changing number in same cell
  63. SUM function over infinite number of sheets?
  64. end of worksheet question
  65. How to plot B2:B11 versus A2:A11
  66. Calculating commission schedule (will pay for help!)
  67. Calculating commission schedule (will pay for help!)
  68. Calculating commission schedule (will pay for help!)
  69. Re: double lookup, nest, or macro?
  70. Add a string to a cell
  71. Need find cell b3 value on another worksheet!
  72. Need formule which would find cell (exmp b3) value on another worksheet! please help!
  73. Date formula by decade
  74. Need find cell b3 value on another worksheet!
  75. Using ROUND formula to calculate tax
  76. Need find cell b3 value on another worksheet!
  77. Add a string to a cell
  78. Editing Multiple E-Mail Addresses...
  79. Re: Closest number match help ...
  80. matching problem using VBA
  81. Need find cell b3 value on another worksheet!
  83. is there a instrRev function in excel functions?
  84. Customise Right Click Menu
  85. Lookup Function
  86. Increase the max characters allowed in excel formula to much >102
  87. counting
  88. is there a instrRev function in excel functions?
  89. Conditional Hide function for Excel
  90. VBA: Return Searched Value Inputed by End-User
  91. How to enable grouping in a protected sheet
  92. Report on data in worksheet?
  93. vlookup
  94. Changing a Parameter Of A Formula
  95. Changing a Parameter Of A Formula
  96. lookup in colum a and compare values in colum b
  97. Lookup Function
  98. Timings, need assistance
  99. counting
  100. IF and ISODD Formula Help
  101. Attempt to register XLODBC32.DLL failed when trying to load SQL-R.
  102. Excel: Need Nper
  103. RE: Can I create a dynamic email address in Excels hyperlink?
  104. What formula should I use
  105. How do I change the appearance of my drop down lists?
  106. Hyperlinks in Excell
  107. Validation - List - Separate Worksheet
  108. How can i unprotect a workbook in Excell when I forgot the passwo.
  109. end of worksheet question
  110. Creating a summary from existing spreadsheet data ...
  111. If cellA is blank or 0 then cellB is blank
  112. Dependent List Query
  113. Copying formulas
  114. Is there a formula that can be used here
  115. Why can't my macro use Auto Filter when I told the Sheet Protecti.
  116. Can i automatically format cells to be a certain color if the val.
  117. How can I make autofilter show the filtered number of rows
  118. How do i set up if function with more than level limits?
  119. What formula do I use to link worksheets together within one spre.
  120. Problem with array and msgbox
  121. time-clock calculation
  122. Return the end of month date from a date
  123. Macro for formulas
  124. If cellA is blank or 0 then cellB is blank
  125. extracting comments
  126. Re: How to Replace numbers and text with numbers only?
  127. Excel & Copying Formulas
  128. How to link endings balances to beginning balances on different sh
  129. sort numbers in EXCEL?
  130. SUMIF based on 2 conditions
  131. Can Formula Change the Font Color?
  132. Need to find Min value based on date range entered
  133. Creating a list from an existing list.
  134. Creating a dynamic list
  135. Creating a dynamic list
  136. Right margin will not change.
  137. Pivot Table Limitations in 2000
  138. Sum a range across multiple sheets
  139. time-clock calculation
  140. Insert column entries from a master list
  141. Insert column entries from a master list
  142. Insert column entries from a master list
  143. How do I insert a selectable circle in Excel?
  144. Can I use SUMIF with < and >?
  145. How do I insert a circle in Excel?
  146. Sorting a list with subtotals
  147. VLookup resulting in a blank cell...
  148. Sum function on multiple date fields
  149. Calculating using data from another worksheet
  150. How do I stop other circles in other boxes to stop selecting?
  151. end of worksheet question
  152. trendline - request power --> get linear
  153. Removing Spaces in a Cell
  154. need to save values from a function before it changes
  155. How can I add a numeric value to a TIME cell?
  156. IF Statement
  157. How do I ensure dates inputted are during the work week?
  158. Cell Shift
  159. How do I create a button or control that will automatically go to
  160. How do I automatically shade cells depending on data entered?
  161. How to populate column with formula based on value in cell
  162. Function / formula to be used if cell contains a letter.
  163. How do I create a formula that will multiply a 5% of a value >$150
  164. vlookup help!!!
  165. Problem with Sum of Sums in Excel
  166. Finding and Showing the Largest
  167. print a specific area within a worksheet by clicking on print?
  168. How do you embed an input form into excel?
  169. Display selected rows from one worksheet to another
  170. Finding and Showing the Largest
  171. how to accumulate value and put in other sheet
  172. Date Question
  174. sum difference cells on multiple sheets
  175. How to shade a row of cells using conditional formatting
  176. Vlookup - indexing
  177. Conditional Formatting Work around?
  178. Hire purchase interest
  179. Problem with array and msgbox
  180. Exceptions to Validation Rules
  181. How to Make the text blink in Excel?
  182. Re: Recalculation takes too long - help!!!!
  183. how to add up number of columns based on month eg feb = 2 oct = 1.
  184. Insert\Name\Apply.... problem
  185. Smart subtotals
  186. Pro rata calclation
  187. get count of row without duplicate entries
  188. Major cost of time.
  189. Help with Formula
  190. Add apostrophe
  191. Average Formula
  192. CountIF across multiple sheets in a workbook
  193. Look Up Function
  194. Formula for Extracting Alphabetic Part of a Product Code
  195. Reference
  196. How do I shade cells using the "IF" function?
  197. How Do I sort an IP address by the 3rd Octet?
  198. Re: Autofilter Stops Working
  199. I am having trouble deleting sheets in Excel
  200. VBA: Disable Frame and Radio Buttons based on Another Radio Button Being True
  201. Finding duplicate nuumbers in a column
  202. end of worksheet question
  203. help please
  204. VBA: Looked up data / now how do I change it?
  205. Percentage format
  206. Using the Month function to sum another column
  207. Conditional Format With SUMIF
  208. Can Excel add a set percentage to a cell automatically when you type in a number
  209. Formula for Extracting Alphabetic Part of a Product Code
  210. How do I "Wrap Text" & "Autofit" within Merged Cells in Excel?
  211. How to use Proper formula?
  212. lookup and copy
  213. pasting formulas into a selection
  214. =data!c23
  215. Formula for Extracting Alphabetic Part of a Product Code
  216. is there a way?
  217. How do you change the color of the cell hi-lite border
  218. How to look up and return multiple values
  219. finance charge on credit card
  220. Calculating Net Position and Average Price
  221. How do I stop other circles in other cells to stop selecting?
  222. Formulas not calculating
  223. Days of the Month
  224. How do you keep the date using =TODAY() from changing?
  225. Cut and Paste
  226. How do I use conditional formatting for multiple rows?
  227. find top 25 codes
  228. compacting UPPER/LOWER & column reference
  229. filename with folder
  230. How do I transfer the format of one worksheet into another?
  231. calculate with dates before 1-1-1900
  232. random alphanumeric string
  233. Is there a short cut to switch between worksheets?
  234. works 6.0 spreadsheet
  235. Sorting dates
  236. calculating weeks worked
  237. IF Statement
  238. Nesting If Statement with "AND", "OR" conditions
  239. Finding real values of a function
  240. If both dates are entered into a cell then answer is yes
  241. Algebraic functions
  242. count the no.of records between two dates
  243. populate one worksheet from another
  244. How do I email selected excel cells to multiple recipients?
  245. Grayed Out Worksheet Tabs
  246. sorting
  247. Statistical Excel Function Question within Excel 2000...
  248. Worksheet Reference
  249. Whats Wrong with this??
  250. Sumproduct on filtered cells
  251. open ended multi page sum
  252. Lookup value in colA whos row matches row of index value in colB
  253. Why is it important to check the range placed in the SUM function.
  254. Highlite a row
  255. Lookup value in colA whos row matches row of index value in colB
  256. Stumbling with IF THEN in Excel.
  257. Help w/ algebra equations (wrong formula used in my first 2 posts!
  258. How do I create automatic cell movement when using excel
  259. Deleting Zero after Subtotal
  260. How to control worksheet initialization upon opening a workbook
  261. Help with Interpolating for a value.
  262. Is there a way to link a received outlook email to a cell?
  263. Autofilter - Return a Value
  264. Graphs and sheet referencing?
  265. How do I stop automatic page breaks in excel
  266. Lookup, IF, Then help
  267. How to use a table index from a formula
  268. How to lock a worksheet and enable the PivotTable refresh data opt
  269. Workaround for LOWER(A1:A100)
  270. COUNTIF Question
  271. Workaround for UPPER(F31:F10000)
  272. open ended multi page sum
  273. Have a question on scrolling sum with Excel.
  274. Have a question on scrolling sum with Excel.
  275. How Do I created a nested sumif - if this column has this and thi.
  276. COUNTIF Question
  277. open ended multi page sum
  278. sorting automatically
  279. Web Tool Bar
  280. sort automatically
  281. How do I set this up?
  282. Workaround for UPPER(F31:F10000)
  283. How do I set up a formula in excel that is the tenth root of 7 ve.
  284. How do I create complex functions?
  285. RE: Break-even point function?
  286. function about hyperlink
  287. Circular reference
  288. COUNTIF Question
  289. <>
  290. open ended multi page sum
  291. Average determination
  292. Counting a Running Column
  293. vlookup to see 2 values?
  294. Static Dates in Footers
  295. Random
  296. Excel Programming help
  297. help please
  298. Outlook with excel
  299. Problem with array and msgbox
  300. =SUM Then insert word.
  301. vlookup
  302. Display result as Yes or No
  303. Hiding rows based on date
  304. excel won't work with peachtree
  305. No value entered
  306. Grading Function Question...
  307. Why do the ActiveX text boxes move when I print preview?
  308. Function to return colour of formatted cell
  309. dynamic 3d sum
  310. Data from one tab to another
  311. Combine & Display “Fixed” & “Automatically Updated” Date Parts
  312. grouping
  313. Stumped! Collecting values into one cell.
  314. random number generation
  315. VBA: Update worksheet when txtBox data changes.
  316. Formulas with If/ and results
  317. #REF error
  318. Conditional Formatting "OR" function
  319. Summing a Column wit errors?
  320. multiple vlookup
  321. Re: Averaging cells which contain #DIV/0!
  322. Data from one tab to another
  323. What is the formula to calculate Age when I have Date of Birth?
  324. What is the formula to calculate Age when I have Date of Birth?
  325. variation on countif?
  326. Stumped! Collecting values into one cell.
  327. VBA: Update worksheet when txtBox data changes.
  328. counting entries between two dates?
  329. Formula results in font color change
  330. Save Excel file - prompts to save - no Volitile functions used
  331. combining countif formulas
  332. How can I use count function in excel where I have several criter.
  333. Count certain changes between columns
  334. A different "Fill Color" problem
  335. count if
  336. Automatic date change when spreadsheet changes
  337. XIRR Function Error
  338. If statements
  339. Formula for date function
  340. Need help with a formula
  341. countif, again
  342. count based on two fields - need quickly
  343. count based on two fields- need as quick as possible
  344. record count using two different cells
  345. Data Sorting
  346. How do I stop the autopaste function in Excel?
  347. Sumproduct #N/A elminate?
  348. accessing worksheets
  349. solver can not solve polynomial eq. where one variable is five di.
  350. how do I make a function to count days?
  351. Lookup a date between other dates
  352. Macro for sorting different rows
  353. copying conditional formats to a whole column
  355. Upgrading Problems: Excel from 2000 to 2003
  356. high lite a row
  357. Sum and Count Function
  358. Excel Formula Question
  359. Excel can't find the end of the spreadsheet (Ctrl+end)
  360. Saving Charts to .htm
  361. copy and paste
  362. Subtotals
  363. IF Statement
  364. making variables constant
  365. making a column of formuls constant
  366. making calculated fields constant.
  367. Web Saving Help
  368. When do you use 3-D reference?
  369. Deleting content in a column
  370. Grading Function Question...
  371. Calculating due date?
  372. Import file names into cells
  373. SUMPRODUCT using offset from ROW if X marks the spot
  374. Identify if Cell is Formula or written number
  375. Calculating due date?
  376. generate random numbers
  377. Using Pick Lists
  378. Excel-value in a range of cells for two cross references
  379. search multiple worksheets for an item and return the Wsheets name
  380. dynamic 3d sum
  381. A different "Fill Color" problem
  382. Cell Validation.
  383. Find & Replace questions
  384. RE: Printing Problem
  385. Where can I see VBA code for financial functions?
  386. find and match the max
  387. find and match the max
  388. Address
  389. listing linked cells
  390. Excel row headings
  391. Archive
  392. Re: Grouping data within intervals
  393. find and match the max
  394. How do I calculate the hours spent on a project by entering a sta.
  395. CHOOSE Function
  396. Add numbers for duplicate entries then delete
  397. Automatic date change when spreadsheet changes
  398. dynamic 3d sum
  399. why are nested subtotals coming out below outer subtotals?
  400. Concatenate and make uniform
  401. How do I find downloads for workbooks for Accounting homework?
  402. RANDBETWEEN query
  403. If..then quesiton.
  404. Getting rid of curly brackets within formula
  405. How do I prevent tied results when ranking data?
  406. how do i create a blank cell in excel using a formula
  407. How do I protect one cell in a spreadsheet?
  408. how to display heading of column corresponding to the cell
  409. COUNTIF
  410. Getting rid of curly brackets within formula
  411. first week of year - according to european standard
  412. repeated numbers
  413. differentiating between "and"/"or" in a formula
  414. Linking Data between worksheets in a workbook
  415. Deleting content in a column
  416. Counting problem again!
  417. parse cell and insert rows?
  418. Getting rid of curly brackets within formula
  419. Excel to Access
  420. Concatenate and make uniform
  421. CHIINV error
  422. How do I conditional format for data that's repeated
  423. CHIINV error
  424. FORMULA
  425. CHIINV error
  426. how do i display formulas in only certain cells?
  427. Forced Distribution
  428. Can you create an administrator for an excel file that is not sub.
  429. returning a text cell based on a number cell
  430. How do I put a graphic behind the grid in Excel?
  431. Help!
  432. Calculation Question
  434. How I use SUMIF & AND
  435. Re: IF Statement difficulty
  436. If Statement
  437. Referring to Pivot Table in Excel 2003
  438. How I use SUMIF & AND
  439. How I use SUMIF & AND
  440. Copy/paste Subtotals
  441. Function Macro for Nested IF
  442. Formulas
  443. Identifying exact values in alternate rows
  444. Use of Exact(or other) function for alternate rows?
  445. Workaround for UPPER(F31:F10000)
  446. If and (and) formula to allow a zero answer
  447. real estate formulas
  448. How Do I (Macro Function)?
  449. Using Countif
  450. Lookup Function
  451. Returning the Week Number of a Specific Date on a Month
  452. Another Lookup function, please
  453. How do I set up a min and max function in the same caluclation?
  454. Need to learn about formulas
  455. Deleting/IDing Rows that Don't Meet Criteria
  456. Import file names into cells
  457. Extracting data
  458. Returning the Week Number of a Specific Date on a Month
  459. How to Set a fix # of days per month
  460. variable range countif
  461. Drop Down List not Appearing
  462. #div/0! problem - please help
  463. How to Concatenate Time with some operator?
  464. data validation on sth else
  465. RANDBETWEEN query
  466. Maps.........Having Trouble Loading things
  467. Lookup with logic
  468. vlookup.
  469. do we have semilog paper
  470. conditional format for text
  471. Count data entries and date problem
  472. Adding TR to the end of each value in a column..formula
  473. #N/A In Max min Average Formula
  474. Seriessum is not quite it...need help, please
  475. How can I format a cell to accept feet and inches and add them
  476. Do any newer versions of Excel (2003 or XP) offer more than 65,53.
  477. How do I set up a worksheet to let me know when a birthday is comi
  478. sort option is greyed out in excel
  479. Edit Hyperlinks Globally
  480. If statement needed
  481. Duplicate fields does not match up! If statement
  482. Deleting/IDing Rows that Don't Meet Criteria
  483. Extract date from cell
  484. How do you delete one cell from a range of protected cells
  485. Activating the Send As Attachment option
  486. Countif, Sumif, If - help!
  487. Help! - with a formula please
  488. Convert text to dates
  489. Display excel formula on worksheet
  490. Is it possible to send a worksheet without the unhidden data?
  491. Is there a way to use the space bar to delete?
  492. If Formula
  493. Freezing panes
  494. macro to not print blank value rows in invoice
  495. How do I reference multiple rows
  496. If's and Isna's and stuff
  497. Adding text before a function
  498. Date Alert
  499. Calculating Average Values Using Arithmetic Equations
  500. Double-Click a Hyperlink
  501. 2-Dim Lookup
  502. need a formula for cumulative grade
  503. Calculating Average Values Using Arithmetic Equations
  504. Sorting problem
  505. how do I 'count' the number of cells with a text in red or black?
  506. Count distinct
  507. Pivot table, how do you exclude counting cells with formulas as a
  508. What's wrong with this?
  509. format numbers into feet / inches
  510. How can i get my whole workbook highlighted in the page break pre.
  511. no repeats in a column
  512. getpivotdata() by position
  513. Sorting merged cellsHow do I sort merged cells not identically siz
  514. Comparing Data in two columns
  515. Excel 2003 isn't updating my cells
  516. unrecognized fuctions evapp etc
  517. Need help on Select Case
  518. countif
  519. Copying Rows when hiding other rows
  520. Parsing text in Excel
  521. Help-IF Function
  522. Using Cell references in VLookUp
  523. Need to learn about formulas
  524. What is the easiest way to learn math functions in excel .
  525. Navigating between worksheets.
  526. How do I build a feature into a cell that would send an email rem.
  527. How do I limit the number of rows in an Excel worksheet.
  528. lookup problems
  529. Combining Defined Names to New Name For Validation
  530. remote data query and sum not working
  531. Create a total based on multiple conditions is not giving correct.
  532. < and > functions aren"t working for me
  533. Conditional Formatting for dates
  534. Summing Formula
  535. TRANSPOSE()
  536. can I merge two different workbooks, with the same format, just d.
  537. Hlookups + Vlookups
  538. Count Comments
  539. consoildate all the worksheet(example sheet1,sheet2 and sheet3 etc
  540. Comment associated with a cell
  541. Excel Function
  542. forming a new column by using the other column
  543. Countif Problem
  544. convert numeric to text
  545. Look up or Index?
  546. how to count the nr of occurrences of a text string in a cell rang
  547. What function or formula do I use to calculate ROI with this data?
  548. Adding column data
  549. GradeBook
  550. How do I delete duplicate entries?
  551. Not quite the same lookup?
  552. unique records
  553. Re: Vlookups and multiple returns (again!)
  554. Linking an entire worksheet from a restricted drive?
  555. Linking an entire worksheet from a restricted drive?
  556. Average Column, but Skip Null and 0?
  557. Why does Excel freeze and have to close when I hold Alt down and .
  558. Find AVG/MIN of a Column, excluding 0's and NULL's?
  559. Average/Min column of numbers, but skip 0's and Null's in the form
  560. Using Workday syntax
  561. Importing Data Into Formula Based Cells
  562. The Auto Filter button lost the column specified option.
  563. can i colour a cell on basis of results of a formula e.g clour bl.
  564. Alphabetizing
  565. GetPivotData
  566. "Is Between" function?
  567. Excel Time Duration Formula
  568. Can Excel be pre-formatted to apply "double quotes" to data enter.
  569. Needing to know how to use a "and" in a formula....
  570. Vector lookup function
  571. single quote 10-digit number that has leading zeroes & then conca.
  572. Number Format Issues-Decimal Places
  573. "Is Between" Function Solution --- Many Thanks
  574. Lookup a date between other dates
  576. Calculate the number of workdays between 2 dates
  577. An instant sorting problem
  578. Adding column data
  579. Chart question insert
  580. How to use Vlookup
  581. Decimal places in Excel 2003
  582. How do I find the first value in a column less than a number?
  583. Can I use a cell reference in the criteria for the sumif function.
  584. help
  585. formula
  586. If function
  587. Calculate the number of workdays between 2 dates
  588. import problem on huge xls file
  589. formula help
  590. Getting Speech to work
  591. Text to Speech toolbar problems
  592. make list of information from different cells
  593. Importing Data Into Formula Based Cells
  594. cell reference show cell name (ie. D45) and not cell value
  595. IF-SEARCH
  596. How to do consecutive numbers in separate docs
  597. how do i create drop down menu in excel
  598. ?odd results for =left(F#,2)
  599. Select or Filter by Fill Color
  600. Excel, problem with hiding formulas.... please help!
  601. Summing values of corresponding columns
  602. Unknown Character removal
  603. 30 Day Aging Report Using Conditional Formating
  604. Summing values of corresponding columns
  605. last data entry in column
  606. How do I modify a row depending upon what a cell value is?
  607. Sending Text Messages with Excel???
  608. Apply formuls to whole row (multiply ColumnC*.00274)?
  609. Extract Pixel Values to Excel?
  610. Modify Row based upon cell value
  611. find LAST match in column
  612. Price rounding - exception formula required
  613. how to remove label formatting (eg label to number)
  614. blank cells that include text
  615. How to return min, mean, max using criteria?
  616. I have an "IF"Statement problem...please help!!
  617. Returning the Week Number of a Specific Date on a Month
  618. average by operand
  619. Excel should allow "select all" and also "insert bookmark" as Wor.
  620. Calculated fields-Pivot tables
  621. Creating Links
  622. Formula to Extract Data from a Table
  623. Pivot table : Excel cannot complete this task with available resou
  624. vba to sort group copy paste to another sheet
  625. count function
  626. Countif/Sumif function question
  627. IF/ LOOKUP FUNCTION - Excel 2000
  628. sumif calculate
  629. Help with function
  630. Using Indirect & Creating a worksheet Macro
  631. auto update
  632. Value Increase/Decrease/No Change
  633. How to add up a number of colums (posted on 29/10/04)
  634. How to sum-up alternate rows ?
  635. Count If Formula
  636. Excel: How to return count for each cell within date range criter.
  637. Difference between two dates in months with decimals
  638. Macro did not run after download file from net
  639. projecting growth
  640. Vector lookup function
  641. auto update
  642. Tabs on Excel 2000
  643. Another date function question
  644. Difference between two dates in months with decimals
  645. Naming Sheets Tabs
  646. How do I get a pivot table to sum instead of giving me a count?
  647. Lookup Functions
  649. find LAST match in column
  650. How to return min, mean, max using criteria?
  651. to express degrees & power of a number in excel
  652. auto update
  653. Syntax For Conditional Formula
  654. How do i change the numbering shceme of my rows?
  655. Multi pick into database
  656. Data Validation List Option Affecting Other Cells?
  657. removing green triangle in cell
  658. Countif
  659. Timesheet calculation
  660. import data protection
  661. Excel 2000 - Advanced IF AND ELSE COUNTIF??
  662. generating Unique ID numbers for students
  663. links not linking
  664. links not linking
  665. UPPER Function
  666. Using a worksheet name in a formula
  667. How do I get the COUNTIF criteria to recognize only month and yea.
  668. Auto color change to tabs in worksheet
  669. Need to add the same cell from several workbooks
  670. Do I need nested IF statements?
  671. How do I insert a line break when using the CONCATENATE function?
  672. Modify Row & Cell based on Multiple Data
  673. offset and vlookup
  674. Data Validation List Option Affecting Other Cells?
  675. Help With The Upper Function
  676. Goal Seek - reference a cell for "To value" field?
  677. Autofill Questio
  678. Worksheet names
  679. Formula not updating
  680. countif
  681. Comparing Date Fields
  682. countif
  683. Nesting A Function
  684. Why do formulas turn to values wen copying in Excel 2003...
  685. vlookup function in excel referencing an access table
  686. Keeping Array values?
  687. IF function displays wrong amount
  688. Using Average function when number is zero
  689. Another date function question
  690. Distinct Value With Countif
  691. vlookup returns n/a
  692. Data manipulation help required !
  693. Is there a way to use the space bar to delete?
  694. Time Calcs
  695. How can I group a bunch of cells together, so I can sort by colum.
  696. binomial distribution
  697. Date & Time function
  698. increment cell value automatically
  699. Place a set value in a cell from a drop down list name reference
  700. reformulation question
  701. generate serial number
  702. Conditional Format Advanced
  703. generating Unique ID numbers for students
  705. Need help!!!
  706. letter Validation
  707. conditional formulas in excel
  708. How do I Delete a file from the drop down file menu?
  709. Problem with time calc
  710. Years when 1 April occurs on a Saturday
  711. 00-jan-00
  712. 00-jan-00
  713. Excel 2003 - referenceing the active worksheet page in vlookup
  714. Macro did not run after download file from net
  716. letter Validation
  717. letter Validation
  718. letter Validation
  719. selecting and listing data
  720. letter Validation
  721. How do i increase the size of numbers in a text in Excel.
  722. Formula Recalculation after using AutoFilter
  723. Modify Row & Cell Contents based upon Cells Values
  724. First column that does not contain "Cucumber"
  725. Conditional formating in excel
  726. Delete contents of unprotected cells in workbook
  727. Vlookup
  728. excel 2003
  729. How can I subtract 111 from a number like 097 and get 987, using .
  730. Problem with Pivot Table Drop-Down Menus
  732. Help Needed With - If-Function
  733. Summing cells in Excel
  734. Summing cells in Excel
  735. Modify Row & Cell Contents based upon Cells Values
  736. Appl need that VLOOKUP will not handle
  737. RIGHT Function
  738. Modify Row & Cell Contents based upon Cells Values
  739. Countif ???
  740. SUM array formula question
  741. How do I disable text-to-speech in excel?
  742. I have a password problem
  743. lookup function?
  744. Summing values of corresponding columns
  745. IF Function or IF then else
  746. Using two separate scenarious in one IF function
  747. hide "#VALUE!"
  748. How do I count how many times x appears in a column?
  749. looking up a value between two numbers and returning a related value
  750. Modify Row & Cell Contents based upon Cells Values
  751. Can you run a macro from an if statement in excel?
  752. conditional formatting
  753. How do I change a date in a cell
  754. Naming & renaming a sheet tab
  755. Conditional Formatting
  756. help please with conditional format problem
  757. error checking reports a value in the formula is of the wrong dat.
  758. Indexing/Referencing
  759. Group by count formula
  760. Formula help on a cell
  761. combining several individual cells of numbers into one cell
  762. How to calculate the data in excel 2002 including only the last 9.
  763. Only using the correct cell for the sum
  764. change function variable prompts??
  765. Only using the correct cell for the sum
  766. Newbie: How to round down to the lowest 5
  767. Change Color on an IF statement
  768. COUNTA Function not working =COUNTA(C3:C69,"NH")
  769. Cell Formula Help
  770. I am entering data but it appears as a date in excel
  771. Insert Month and Year in my worksheet
  772. How do I set up a dropdown list in excel? The instructions given .
  773. Advanced Window Split & Freeze Question
  774. GCD Function doesn't work in some cases
  775. SUMIF or SUMPRODUCT or something else?
  776. Change Color on an IF statement
  777. Combining Defined Names to New Name For Validation
  778. <>
  779. Determining Dates Within A Calender
  780. Numbers Wont Sum
  781. IF or SUMIF help for Overtime Formula
  782. Difference between two dates in months with decimals
  783. deleting second open window in a workbook
  784. SUMIF
  785. Populating cells based on calculation
  786. Date Difference On Working Days
  787. Req Formula to place 1 into next columns
  788. Adding column data
  789. view multiple sheets from same workbook
  790. Is there a way to sort by color in excel? using macros?
  791. Counting Function Dilemma
  793. GETPIVOTDATA - Pivot table name problem?
  794. hyperlinks
  795. Sort by Colour?
  796. How do I create a personalized heading row in excel (one that rea.
  797. How do I setup a list box that has several account numbers so use.
  798. Too many nested functions
  799. formula from Excel97 doesn't work in Excel2003,any ideas why?
  800. What is the "TextBridge" menu button used for?
  801. how to hide #N/A's?
  802. Data calculations require more than 7 nested functions
  803. Data calculations require more than 7 nested functions
  804. Setting up data to create a chart
  805. cells lose relativity to other WorkSheets after data sort?
  806. Re: Pivot Table "Show All" Check Box missing in Excel 2000
  807. Formula MATCH error
  808. how to format pull down rows
  809. Summation Problem
  810. Distinct Value With Countif
  811. VLOOKUP dragging down
  812. Formula needed
  813. VLOOKUP dragging down
  814. Vlookup, Index & Match
  815. Formula MATCH error
  816. Time / Formula to look at time difference
  817. how do I name ranges in an Excel worksheet
  818. Autofill skipping cells
  819. alphanumeric cells
  820. The colors should work properly in Shared Excel Workbooks.
  821. I need to randomize a column of alphanumeric employee ID's for a .
  822. Can you enter a formula in a cell that auto-inputs calculations a.
  823. max and min
  824. I can't edit excel by right clicking
  825. A=P(1+i)^n
  826. Re: Random # Generator
  827. How do I turn off ALL autoformat in Excel ? (I can't even type "J.
  828. SUMPRODUCT problem
  829. sql.request
  830. write a formula to sum cells on different pages of the same workb.
  831. I need help with a formula
  832. Help with formula please
  833. Find a match that;s not exact
  834. Can I hide locked cells?
  835. How do I create a multi formula IF function in Excel?
  836. Re: Conditional Formatting
  837. can you use a variable or cell reference in a getpivotdata formul.
  838. Delete carrots
  839. Need help with cell formatting
  840. Delete carrots in a string
  841. Need assistance with cell formatting
  842. Need assistance with cell formatting
  843. word lookup
  844. Re: Hyperlinks Problems
  845. Can you get around the GETPIVOTDATA command when referencing a pi.
  846. Re: Conditional Formatting
  847. How do I convert 300616a to show as a number 303616?
  848. running totals in a macro for each month
  849. Need help with a Macro
  850. changing a cell value depending on an If Function/Lookup
  851. Drop List Referencing
  852. RE: Printing to PDF
  853. label problem
  854. MATCH Question
  855. rounding
  856. Lookup Doesn't Work
  857. Need Formula Help
  858. Sorting
  859. How do I program a cell to automaticinput the current date as dat.
  860. search & replace
  861. cell info
  862. How can I get the lowest price, second lowest etc. from a range o.
  863. rounding again
  864. How can I make a picture of my Excel sheet?
  865. cell info
  866. Copy macros to new computer
  867. EZ Q 4 U: How do I change a number to text, based on the number
  868. stop excel from shifting cells up when a query returns no data
  869. how do i set up employee performance database in excel
  870. Easiest Way to do this Importing method?
  871. Complex lookup task for a newbies
  872. If formula help
  873. VLookup accesses half the text in a field?
  874. Req Formula to place 1 into next columns
  875. sort data with the same result
  876. Scurve fomula in Excel
  877. import currency rates into Excel?
  878. Req, Tricky column formula
  879. Can I count values in column 1 if criteria in column 2 are met
  880. getting data from 2 excel sheets automatically
  881. Multiple Vlookup?
  882. Adding cells with numbers and text
  883. getting data from 2 different exc sheet
  884. Remainder Zero Function?
  885. tricky conditional formatting
  886. Multiple Worksheets in a workbook
  887. pivottable - show all not appearing
  888. Re: Entering Path Name in Footer
  889. How do I define the signum function sign(x) in Excel?
  890. Generate random numbers 1-100 without any repeats?
  891. formula to determine the first column containing any data
  892. Sumproduct in Excel Spreadsheet to read Access db table
  893. search & replace
  894. Complex forumula help needed
  895. How do I know if another user have inserted a web query on my wshe
  896. Complex formula help needed
  897. Please Help Guys!
  898. Problems with functions
  899. search & replace
  900. Isolate text following a period (".")
  901. Saving Macros
  902. excel oc curve
  903. Inserting Blank Rows Macro?
  904. Finding last cell to contain same value as current cell?
  905. Please Help Guys!
  906. Rounding a number to a multiple quantity that adds to a fixed total number
  907. Re: Have negative numbers show as zero
  908. Sorting data while the shading stays the same
  909. GETPIVOTDATA - Pivot table name problem?
  910. Merging Cells but have each cell counted in the range of merged c.
  911. How to filter by greatest of
  912. Impossible Formula!
  913. range name
  914. Protected Cell Link
  915. String function
  916. Unknown IF function parameter on amortization schedule
  917. range names
  918. range name
  919. range names
  920. range names
  921. displaying results and not formulas
  922. Impossible Formula!
  923. PMT formula
  924. Excat Forumla HELP
  925. Impossible Formula!
  926. Paste Link and Templates
  927. Rounding to the next highest 1000 after a resulting formula
  928. Convert week number into calendar month?
  929. average without 0 value
  930. How do i Match all COLUMNS?
  931. number format
  932. SUM until blank cell
  933. re-naming worksheet tab adds ".xls]" to the begining of the name I entered
  934. How do I see detail of summed cells
  935. Formula to refer to other worksheet...
  936. calc constant date from variable date & return with ability to rn.
  937. Impossible Formula!
  938. printing rather than doing
  939. SUM problem
  940. formulas for transferring data validation information in excel 200
  941. Removing links to other workbooks-Excel 2000
  942. How to verify that 3 cells are equal
  943. listing data without blank rows
  944. How to verify that 3 cells are equal
  945. Report
  946. SUM until blank cell
  947. How do I create a formula that could have two different outcomes?
  948. problem with countif
  949. Sumproduct Multiple Conditions
  950. Need Excel Analysis toolpak - don't have CD, where to download?
  951. Excel 2003 - Formula result shows as 0:00
  952. jpeg picture always the same size
  953. Conditional if statement
  954. Color Code Filter indicators - Change from Blue to Red
  955. How do I select all worksheets
  956. Select all worksheets
  957. Difference of date & time in minutes
  958. How do I make an If-Then formula in Excel?
  959. Re: Worksheet Event Code
  960. Sum of cells in different worksheets
  961. algebraic function
  962. How do I make a group of data (not figures) which could be collaps
  963. Is there an easy way calculate 2 variables in conditional sum wiz.
  964. Tracking activities
  965. Problems with functions
  966. .CSV file format - comma or semi-colon
  967. .CSV file format - comma or semi-colon?
  968. Problems with functions
  969. Copy on filtered list
  970. Extend conditional formatting to more than 3 conditions
  971. Excel 2000 Functions
  972. Renge filtering
  973. Multiple Shipping problem
  974. Feature in Borland Quattro - Is this in Excel??
  975. Is there an autofill for all row fields in a pivot table?
  976. Impossible Formula!
  977. how to build a formula to match numbers in 2 columns with the equ.
  978. Find duplicate rows then deleting them
  979. Saving a position dinamically
  980. Excel Lookup Functions
  981. Formula help SUM(IF((...
  983. VLOOKUP and AND function
  984. Excel Lookup Functions
  985. How do i get an average that ignores blanks in the range of cells.
  986. insert picture into excel
  987. How do I create a formula in Excel that will countif or sumif bef.
  988. copy group of cells to another group of cells using "IF" in third
  989. round up ?
  990. showing the # of times an item is entered in a column
  991. vlookup
  992. Subtracting time in date format
  993. coverting answer from Radian mode to degree mode
  994. Re: Problem with search
  995. Problem with search
  996. Passwording
  997. Rounding up and down
  998. How can I convert an excel file into a list of conference attende.
  999. How do i create a "look up" to sum values in excel?
  1000. Can I mail merge filtered data on an Excel spreadsheet to a word d